What is WhatsApp Copy? The function to chat even with those who do not have the app installed

WhatsApp the app The world’s most popular instant messenger, grows daily in number of users. Millions of people use the application to communicate with their inner circle, such as friends, family and co-workers. Of course, there are always exceptions and there are individuals who do not use the tool. What to do if we need to chat with them quickly and easily? The Meta app seems to be the best current alternative and with the function WhatsApp Copy we can make sure that others adopt it. What does it consist of?

Although WhatsApp has been updated very frequently in the last year, the so-called WhatsApp Copy option is not new and has already been present for a long time in the version of Android What iOS.

In case you did not know, WhatsApp Copy is a term that refers to a specific option within the platform that will allow us to share a direct link to our chat so that anyone, even those who do not have the app installed, can contact us as soon as possible.

This method is the most effective for users who need to contact acquaintances or related contacts very often, for work or other issues. Of course, it also works for those who already use WhatsApp, which facilitates communication without sharing phone numbers.

To use this tool you just have to follow these steps:

A text on your clipboard (the SMS application may open) with a link that you can send to whoever you want. You can also share it on social networks or any other platform with direct messaging. The user who receives your invitation will be able to click on the link and a chat will automatically open with you. If it does not have WhatsApp installed, it will be taken to the store page (Android and iOS) so that it can download the application and contact you as soon as possible.