What is WhatsApp Gold and why is it so dangerous to install this app on your smartphone?

A dangerous modified version of WhatsApp is circulating on social networks: it is about WhatsApp Gold, an instant messaging app that seems harmless; however, installing it on your smartphone is very risky. Not only because Mark Zuckerberg’s company Meta could lock your account forever, but because the APK is infected with malware that can steal your information.

People who recommend WhatsApp Gold, including major digital media, say that this application is better than the original, as it has additional features such as disappearing completely (you will hide the ‘online’ and ‘typing’), being able to send ‘bomb messages’ , know who blocked you, see the messages that your contacts have deleted, download statuses even if they have been deleted, etc.

whatsapp gold has virus

Because WhatsApp Gold is a pirated application, it cannot be downloaded from the Play Store or the App Store, that is, it does not pass the security filters of Google and Apple, respectively. To find it, you will need to look for it in unreliable portals that will assure you that it is free of viruses, when in reality it is not. For example, the APK downloaded from Malavida returned 3 malware in Virus Total.

WhatsApp analysis published in Malavida. Photo: Virus Total

Paco Web, a content creator specializing in cybersecurity, used his TikTok account to analyze the various pirated versions of WhatsApp that currently exist, including WhatsApp Gold, which he considers the most dangerous. He qualifies the rest of the versions as ‘less aggressive’, however, when using them you run the risk of having your account permanently suspended.

You may not know it, but on their official blog, WhatsApp developers have warned users not to use modified versions of their app. The first punishment, which would be a warning, will be a temporary suspension for 24 hours, during which time you will not be able to talk to your contacts. If you continue to use this pirated APK instead of the original one, the next ban will be permanent and there will be no way for you to get your files back.

“Unofficial apps are fake WhatsApp apps, which means they were developed by third parties and do not comply with our Terms of Service. We do not endorse the use of these third-party apps because we cannot validate their security practices,” the company points out in its publication.

“If you use these apps, the following happens: Your privacy and security are at risk. Unofficial apps may contain malware, which can steal your data and damage your phone. There is no guarantee that your messages or data, such as your location or the files you share, are private and secure. Your account may be suspended temporarily or permanently, “they add.