What link does Mark Vito have with Andrés Hurtado? Story of their ‘secret friendship’ for 5 years

The ex-husband of Keiko FujimoriMark Vito, turned on social networks with the debut of his new physical figure.

After months missing from the cameras and, above all, from political scandals, Kyara Villanella’s father reappeared in TikTok with a series of videos showing what he looks like after his split with Keiko.

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However, a video that attracted a lot of attention, in addition to those that appear without a shirt, was about the dinner he had with Andrés Hurtado. This caused many to wonder about the type of relationship that both television figures would have.

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How did the video of Mark Vito and Andrés Hurtado happen?

According to the host of ‘Sábado con Andrés’, both met in a tavern located in San Isidro and Keiko’s ex was in charge of directing the video.

“He gave me the instructions to stare at us and then he began to edit the video and put the text of ‘Five years of friendship in secret’. Mark is a very funny guy, he is doing things that he did not do before, “he explained. stolen.

The collaboration between Mark and Andrés Hurtado quickly generated a variety of comments. They even called it the best TikTok collaboration.

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How did the friendship start?

According to what he told Andres Hurtado, met the foreign businessman at Larcomar three weeks ago. At that time, they exchanged numbers so they could coordinate the video together.

The television presenter, true to his style, stressed that he would like to have the body that Mark Vito looks like today. Furthermore, he revealed that he invited him to open his own gym.

“I invited him to open his gym. He showed me photos of his before and after, he has worked a lot on the irons. I told him that I’m dying to have his body,” he said.

However, it did not end up in the video together, but Andrés Hurtado also chose to publish a clip parodying the ex-husband of the leader of Fuerza Popular who already has a legion of fans.

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Networks do not believe that it is only a friendship

The dinner video sparked comments making fun of the type of relationship the two would have, despite the fact that it was Mark himself who clarified that it was humorous.

“My Lord Vito forgives nothing”; “It can’t be, so he already beat me”; “He became a miner”; “Luz Clarita was the bone of contention”; “That’s what I call grounds for divorce,” some users commented.

Without losing the thread of the joke, Mark responded to a comment with “I soooooo.”

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Did Mark Vito believe in love again?

Other users launched hypotheses into the air about who would be the person who records his tiktoks.

Well, they affirm that due to the sensuality of their videos, it would have to be someone quite close, for this reason they speculate that the figure would already have a partner.

“I have a question, who records it?”; “And who will be recording?”; However, there was a more blunt unknown in the clip of his routine: “Who are you taking the flowers to?”, they wrote.

For now, Mark Vito has chosen to stop making more humorous videos until the health of the mother of his daughters is more stable. As is known, he was recently diagnosed with a tumor which will be removed through surgery.