What request would Sergio Peña have made to Tepha Loza before their breakup, according to “On everyone’s lips”

I do not accept? A few weeks after shouting his love, it was now known about the end of the relationship between soccer player Sergio Peña and fighter Tepha Loza, after they shouted their love from the rooftops. However, a few days ago the program “On everyone’s lips” released a unique request that the athlete would have made to the reality girl and this would have been the reason for her separation. What did they say? In this note we tell you.

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What request did Sergio Peña make to Tepha Loza before their breakup?

Tula Rodríguez took advantage of her television space to tell an infidelity of the relationship between Sergio Pena and Tepha, and it is that the soccer player would have asked the fighter to move with him to Sweden but he did not accept.

According to what the television host said, Tepha did not plan to leave her life in Peru, since she had a stable job and her whole life was here and for Sergio she was not going to leave her soccer career to stay in Peruvian lands.

“I tell you that when we talked, I don’t know if I’m being infidel, but he actually asked her to come (to Sweden)… she works here, she has a good job, her life is made here. It’s not about throwing everything overboard, because if she had already been stabilized, with a business (she can say) ‘I’ll go and try’, but she can’t try if you don’t know exactly if you’ll be fine. He was finally not going to stop playing soccer.”

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What happened to Tepha Loza and why is she in a wheelchair?

This July 29, the model Tepha Loza He shared a photo in a wheelchair and this is because he suffered a serious injury, the same one that has caused him to leave the competition in “Esto Es Guerra” and cannot continue with his exercise routine.

turns out Tepha Loza He has a fracture in the talus, which prevents him from leading a normal life and which would be putting his health at risk. “I’m going through a very rough process right now because of the injury. Because of the fracture I have in the head of the talus and because I’m on crutches and not resting as I should, my entire spine has swollen,” he recently commented. Tepha.

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Rafael Cardozo knows the reason for the end of Tepha Loza and Sergio Peña’s romance: “They rushed everything”

He claims to know the reason! The reality boy Rafael Cardozo surprised the viewers of En boca de todos when he arrived on the set to talk about the recent controversies that have been known in the Peruvian show business, but above all the end of the sentimental relationship between Tepha Loza and Sergio Peña. This time, the public figure claimed to know the reasons for the breakup.

In the end, Raphael Cardozo He gave his point of view, but did not want to reveal the details. “The thing is the following, I do know the real reason why they have finished, but first listen to me, I see things in the following way… if you ask me why it is that they rushed everything, they rushed I bring you to Sweden from him. I have not participated in this relationship, I do not know Sergio Peña, but for me they anticipated things, “he said.

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Valeria Flórez after the alleged end of Tepha Loza’s romance: “She imagined that Peña was going to ask for her hand”

It was sent with everything! The renowned model Valeria Flórez has been surprising more than one of her by launching spicy comments for some characters of the Peruvian show business in her Willax Television program. This time, the influencer did not hesitate to comment on the alleged estrangement between the soccer player Sergio Peña and the reality girl Tepha Loza.

“She’s kind of intense. I think she must have imagined the story of Prince Charming, after the torment she experienced with Pancho Rodríguez, who ended and returned, recontra toxic. She said that she met Sergio Peña’s parents and she already imagined that she was going to ask for her hand very soon, ”said the model Valeria Flórez quite confidently.

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