What sanctions does Banco Fassil face after the closure of its offices due to the financial crisis?

He Fassil Bankthe third largest in Bolivia, decided this week to close its offices and temporarily disable the service of debit, credit and prepaid cards to your customers for national and international operations, since they are facing a “challenging” and “difficult” financial situation. As a consequence, one of the largest financial entities in the country faces certain sanctions.

The director of the Financial System Supervision Authority (ASFI), Reynaldo Yujra, warned the bank that it would face from simple reprimands to complaints against directors or executives, including pecuniary fines.

For their part, dozens of customers expressed their total annoyance by protesting in the streets. “We are only asking for what is fair, we want to take out our savings, our money, we trust this bank with our money and now they do not want to give us anything,” a protester told local media.

It should be noted that, for more than a month, users had already reported difficulties in withdrawing money from both banks and ATMs.

Faced with the claims, Yujra tried to calm the scene. “It must be clear to the population that whatever the situation of the entity, your savings are not in danger. We are acting based on the regulations, which allow us to have effective results throughout this process, he assured.

With information from Europa Press.