What symptoms does ‘flurone’, the double infection of coronavirus and flu, produce?

While we continue to know in depth the characteristics of the omicron variant of the coronavirus after being classified as the lineage with the fastest spreading in history, a simultaneous infection of COVID-19 and flu keeps us on the lookout and with a series of growing doubts. It is the so-called ‘fluron ‘.

The double infection It has been observed in a 30-year-old pregnant woman admitted to Beilinson Hospital in Israel, who had not received her full dose of vaccination against either disease.

Peruvian and international media reported that this was the first case, however, in October 2020, through an investigation at the Dos de Mayo National Hospital (Lima), five patients (three men and two women) were reported under the conditions described. None of them died or received differentiated assistance.

As for the symptoms of ‘flurone’, those are triggered to the same degree as a common respiratory infection: general malaise, headache, fatigue, sneezing, cough and in some cases fever. In order not to confuse these signs with the outbreak of a simple flu, it is necessary to undergo a discard test in case we already have COVID-19.

Arnon Vizhnitser, director of the gynecology department of that health center, according to the Israeli press, said that the combination of pathogens attacks the upper respiratory tract and causes difficulties in the entry of oxygen into the body. However, the real impact cannot be measured with so little data.

Vizhnitser also stated that more and more they detect the flu virus in pregnant women. A possible response to the first appearance of ‘flurone’ would have to do with the fact that pregnant women belong to vulnerable groups.

In addition, César Cabezas, infectious disease doctor and former head of the National Institute of Health (INS), stated in an interview for La República that the greatest risk of contracting co-infections of this type can occur in the elderly, patients with chronic diseases or immunosuppressed individuals.

In Catalonia, the autonomous community of Spain, two cases of ‘flurone’ have also been confirmed this Monday, January 3, although, as in the other European country, the director of the Catalan Health Service, Gemma Craywinckel, assured that They are mild and anecdotal infections without much relevance.

The section chief of the Infectious Diseases Service of the Hospital del Mar in Barcelona, ​​Robert Güerri, stressed that both viruses “circulate a lot” and that they can definitely “coexist”.

The Israeli Ministry of Health is already studying the eventuality of women with ‘flurone’. For their part, epidemiologists fear the future outbreak of this simultaneous infection because several people would not have notified it in time due to ignorance.

Specialized reports from the United States suggest that ‘flurone’ had already emerged during 2020, when the coronavirus was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

Even in March 2020, Chinese researchers published in The Lancet magazine the first work that documented this double contagion in nine people.

The microbiologist at the University Hospital of A Coruña and spokesperson for the Spanish Society of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology (Seimc), María del Mar Tomás, pointed out that ‘Flurone’ is not a new variant of SARS-CoV-2 and not a new virus, according to Europa Press.

Tomás later indicated that coinfection is common because both viruses remain in the environment. “COVID-19 enters through the ACE2 receptor of the eukaryotic cell, and the flu virus enters the receptors with sialic acid (sugar that is incorporated into proteins or lipids); and if the two viruses meet, then contagion occurs ”, explained the specialist.

It only remains to wait for the latest reports from the scientific community before spreading baseless rumors and igniting social panic.