What was Mario Irivarren’s modest job in his youth and how much did he earn?

Mario Irivarren is one of the reality boys who came to the small screen without having any experience on television, since how he has commented now too entrepreneurHe never imagined that after attending a gym his life would change completely. Because it was there that the producer of “Combat” He offered to pass a casting for the competition reality show.

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Thus, the popular reality boy Mario Irivarren He has decided to remind the public of the job he had before becoming a television figure, which makes him very proud. For this reason, in this note we will tell you a little more about the beginnings of him, also an influencer.

What did Mario Irivarren work on before coming to “Combate”?

on more than one occasion Mario Irivarren has recounted how her experience was when arriving on television, what’s more, in one of her recent podcast videos, which she makes together with her friend and former Combate figure, Fabianne Hayashida decided to acknowledge and thank the production of “Combate “who gave him the opportunity to belong to the famous competition reality show that was broadcast on ATV.

The Vania Bludau’s ex-partnerHe decided to comment that everything he had today was owed to Marisol and Pepe Lucho, and he did not hesitate to mention that they wanted him on television when Mario worked as kfc cashier. It was in this way that once again, irivarren He reminded all his followers that he started working in the fast food chain before being part of “Combate” and later being a figure in “Esto es Guerra”.

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Mario Irivarren: How much did you earn when you worked at KFC?

Mario Irivarren He has not hesitated to comment that to get ahead he had to work in a well-known fast food chain in our country. As revealed by reality boy He decided to work from the age of 18 at KFC to obtain a scholarship so that he could study a career.

Also, a couple of years ago irivarren In the middle of an interview for the newspaper La Repúblico, he confessed that when he worked in fast food it was only part time, therefore his salary at that time was only 300 soles.

“I have worked three years of my life and I earned 300 soles when I worked at KFC. And I didn’t complain because she did it with pleasure. I won my scholarship and I felt happy. I felt that I was overcoming the adversities that life gave me and despite not having the resources I looked for it”, revealed at that time the entrepreneur.