WhatsApp and its update to avoid scams is now available

Greater security. WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging application in the world and that implies a user base of millions of people. While this means a great competitive advantage, it also makes you a much more attractive target for malicious actors such as hackers scammers or campaigns spam. After years of being aware of this, Meta has decided to launch an update aimed at providing a solution. It is now available in iPhone and soon it will arrive for Android.

The solution is focused on users of WhatsApp Business the app’s platform for doing business. At the moment, this new feature is only present in the beta version of iOS.

According to information from the WABetaInfo portal, which specializes in information about application updates, the new available function allows you to protect yourself from fraudulent messages, spam, and others with an additional warning barrier.

What does it consist of? Now every time we get a message through WhatsApp Business the app will warn us if said issuer is not included in our contacts trustworthy.

Additionally, two possibilities will be shown: block said account or add it to our a contact list if we verify that it is someone you trust.

It is worth indicating that this option is displayed in the base version of WhatsApp both for ios What Android. If we receive a message from someone who is not on our phone book, we will see their phone number at the top.

In the case of WhatsApp Business The same does not happen, since the name of the business associated with the telephone number will always appear, regardless of whether we have it as a contact or not. This has led to many scams by unscrupulous posing as businesses to mislead customers.

If you use WhatsApp Business Often times, it is advisable to have the contact numbers of the shops with whom you usually interact. Also, if you discover one online, it is preferable to make sure that it is an authentic account.