WhatsApp and the trick to turn off the application without deactivating the internet on your phone

WhatsApp is the app of choice for millions of users around the world who prefer to use it before making a phone call. It is one of the most popular applications which implies that a person can receive hundreds or even thousands of posts a day, a situation that could be exhausting when we want a little peace of mind.

In this sense, there is a simple trick that “turns off” WhatsApp without having to disconnect your data or your network Wifi which would not allow you to navigate in other applications.

That is, while you move away from WhatsApp for a moment you can continue listening to music in Spotify watch videos in Youtube or your favorite series in Netflix.

This WhatsApp trick only works on Android phones and helps you deactivate the application for as long as you want. The best of all is that you do not need any third-party application, we just have to follow these instructions:

To reactivate it, the procedure is exactly the same and you will receive all the messages that you missed while you turned off the app.

If you are tired of belonging to a WhatsApp group but you are ashamed to leave it, you should know that there is a secret trick with which you can say goodbye to that annoying group chat and no one will notice that you left.

If you are eager to know this fantastic WhatsApp trick that few people know, all you have to do is follow the steps shown in the following video that soon became a trend on social networks.

WhatsApp contacts are very important data for us. Therefore, when we have a problem with the cell phone and we lose the phone numbers that we had stored in it, we have great headaches. In this sense, the best option is to be able to handle and manage them outside of the mobile. How to do it? Here we explain it to you.

You should bear in mind that having a phone book on your PC or laptop is very useful, especially in the workplace. For this reason, it is necessary to know the tricks that we can apply to export contacts from WhatsApp to a table of Excel.