WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram: users report new glitches worldwide

If you have a WhatsApp Facebook e Instagram and you’re having trouble using these popular Applications you should not worry. This is not a connectivity problem, nor is it that you have run out of data. Like you, many users around the world have started to report problems on other social networks like Twitter.

As detailed Downdetector a famous website that alerts about the crashes of various applications, the malfunction of WhatsApp Facebook e Instagram started around 11.35 am (Peruvian time). Although the peak of reports was high for several minutes, they ended up decreasing, which means that the problem was not that serious.

Applications did not issue statements

Unlike the fall of the past October 4, 2021 when even the same Mark Zuckerberg apologized for the problems, this time the official accounts of WhatsApp Facebook e Instagram They have not provided any official communication, since this malfunction would have been resolved by their technicians in record time and without major setbacks.

Users annoyed with the fall

Although this flaw was short-lived, that did not stop many users in Twitter start complaining, some even shared funny memes to ironize that ‘it was going to happen again’, referring to the fall that occurred at the beginning of October, which lasted around six hours and was a trend in various parts of the world. Here are some of the reactions.