WhatsApp: How to block a contact without knowing it?

WhatsApp, the platform most used by users not only allows you to communicate by text message, video call, voice notes, videos, GIFs and emoticons with your contacts, but you can also block a number because you consider it to have other intentions or are annoying.

It happens when you block a contact, they can realize your action with one simple signals such as no longer seeing their profile photo or the last one they were online. However, there is a trick to do this without doing much warning. In the note we tell you.

How to block a contact without realizing it?

The trick to avoid receiving notifications, calls and any communication from that contact, you just have to perform these steps to block

  • You must enter WhatsApp.
  • Then you must choose the contact.
  • Then you must select the option silence and forever found in the upper right tab.
  • Finally, to no longer see it in the chats you can delete conversation or file.

How do I know if I have been blocked?

There are some signs that you can generally identify when a user has blocked you on WhatsApp. These are:

A popcorn

When they block you, you should know that when you send a message, only a popcorn appears but it can also be connectivity problems.

The photo

It is the most obvious alert when the contact’s profile photo does not appear, although there may also be the possibility that the user has modified the settings where only certain contacts can see their photo.

The call

One way to check if you were blocked is to make a call; If an error signal appears when doing so, it is possible that the crash occurred.