WhatsApp: How to discover the content of the messages that were deleted in the chat?

It almost always happens that we are chatting with someone, but this person deleted the WhatsApp message. Didn’t you realize what he wrote? If you never found out, here we tell you how to get them back. Keep in mind that the messaging application enabled this function to prevent the texts from being read or sending the wrong messages.

To be able to recover the messages you have to download an application that will work in conjunction with WhatsApp And this will be the only way to achieve it so that you do not have the doubt of knowing what the person sent you.

Remember that applications that require third parties may stop working in conjunction with WhatsApp due to the constant updates of the platform. Next, we tell you how to see that message in an easy and simple way.

How to discover the messages that were deleted in WhatsApp chat?

With the WhatsappRemoved + application found in the Play Store, allows you to recover deleted conversations, including photos and videos that have been deleted in a short time. You just have to give it the permissions to read and access the notifications. There is also the WAMR application from Play Store available only for Android that works the same as the previous one.

It is worth mentioning that both applications have limitations when retrieving messages. For example, since they both use notifications, if you are in the conversation when the message was deleted, you will no longer be able to access the content because the notification was not generated.

Likewise, you will only be able to recover the first 100 characters of said message, nor will you be able to recover the photos and videos if they have not been completely downloaded before the message is deleted.

In the case of users of IPhoneMessages can only be recovered if they are deleted after a backup has been made; however, restoring a backup will mean that other messages may be lost, so this method is not recommended.