WhatsApp: how to hide the last time of connection to a contact without having to block it?

WhatsApp is receiving new functions to improve the experience of thousands of users who communicate through the instant messaging application from a iPhone or phone Android. This time, the app already has a tool that will allow you hide your last connection to certain contacts without having to block them. Do you know how? We will tell you.

There are times when we are so busy with work or studies that we don’t want to answer. Although WhatsApp already allows deactivating the double blue check of all our conversations, it is also possible to hide our last connection. However, the detail is that until now, we could not choose who could view this information.

According to El Clarín, the update already allows users select who can see your last connection in the application. Even the same developers have mentioned that this patch seeks to improve the privacy and security of the billions of people who use the service.

Hiding from some people on WhatsApp is very easy. Through the new option “My contacts except …”, You can select who can add you to a group, view your stories, view photos and even see your last connection. Follow these steps to achieve it.

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