WhatsApp: how to know if someone blocked you in the application

While WhatsApp facilitates communication with other users, it also offers the possibility of restricting someone when we want to avoid any type of contact. Do you think that a person has blocked you and you want to confirm it? These signs will help you discover if this is the case for you.

One of the first signs to detect if someone has blocked you is when you cannot see their profile picture and, instead, the classic gray WhatsApp avatar appears. Similarly, you cannot view their information or their daily status updates.

While it is true that WhatsApp offers us different privacy settings to protect our information, the fact that you no longer see the last connection or the ‘online’ status of said contact in the chat window may be a sign that you have been banned. .

Does a single check appear when you send messages to that person? This means that the text has been sent, but you have not received it. Although you may have lost your internet connection, have your phone turned off, or have uninstalled the application, it can also be an indication that you have been blocked.

It is one of the most reliable methods to determine if you have been blocked. If you create a group on WhatsApp and try to add that person as a member, the application will show you an error message to inform you that “it could not be added to (contact name).”

Did you verify all of the above and want one more test to clear your doubts? Call that person. If you try to contact her by voice or video and can’t get through, she may have put you on her blacklist.