WhatsApp: How to make nobody see my profile picture?

The profile photo in the case of WhatsApp is the first entry to get a first look at the person and many times when they enter this platform it is the first thing that one checks from their contacts after going through their last statuses. But WhatsApp also offers the option to hide our profile photo so that no one can see it and only your contacts have access.

If we know how to do it, in this note we will indicate the steps so that only your contacts from your calendar on your cell phone can view your profile.

How to hide WhatsApp profile photo from a contact?

To activate this function you must open the app WhatsApp from the main screen we tap on the menu button and enter Settings. Then you must choose the Account option and then we touch on the menu option Privacy. Then another screen will appear where the option Foto in profile and this will take us to a small window where you can choose between the options Everyone, My contacts or Nobody.

Now the next step is to exit WhatsApp and open the contact list of our phone. Once I enter, we look for the contact that we do not want to see our profile picture and we delete or remove them from the agenda.

Important before copying that we copy your phone number first so as not to lose it. With this entry deleted, that person will no longer be able to see our profile photo.

If at any time we want that person to be able to see our profile photo again, you only need to add it to the phone’s agenda.