WhatsApp: how to prevent Facebook or Google from accessing your conversations?

WhatsApp has had some issues in recent months due to controversies surrounding the company it belongs to, Meta. In September 2021, an investigation by ProPublica discovered that Facebook has access to user chats in cases of reports and other circumstances, which put into question the level of privacy that the platform promises.

However, if you fear that sites like Google or Facebook are intercepting your conversations through the instant messaging application, you have options to improve the security of your account. In this note we will tell you about two processes that you can follow to optimize your privacy.

To make the use of WhatsApp on mobile as secure as possible, you can activate the backup with end-to-end encryption. This will generate an extra layer of protection when the application backs up your chats, images, videos and stickers to the storage location you chose (usually Google Drive). For that, follow these steps:

When you confirm these changes, WhatsApp will ask you for a password every time you want to save or download your backup, which we recommend that it be unique and secure.

However, this method is not the only one that you should put into practice, but you can also activate end-to-end encryption in your chats. Follow these prompts.