WhatsApp: how to prevent your gallery from filling up with photos sent to you from groups?

If you installed WhatsApp on your smartphone, be it Android or ios You will surely have noticed that this instant messaging application usually fills the gallery of your device with the images that were sent to you. In case you are within several groups, this problem is aggravated, since there will be more unnecessary photos that end up filling your smartphone. How to avoid it?

You may not know it, but WhatsApp has two special functions (which you must activate manually) that will prevent you from suffering from this problem. The first is called automatic file download, and the second is media file visibility. Here we are going to teach you how to configure them so that your phone stops being full of irrelevant photos or videos.

1. Enter WhatsApp settings and search for storage and data

2. Go down to the automatic download section and you will see that it is divided into two options (download with mobile data and download with Wi-Fi)

3. Both are activated by default, you will have to enter each of them and disable the automatic download of photos, audios, videos and documents.

In this way, every time a friend or member of a WhatsApp group sends a file, it will not be downloaded automatically to your cell phone, but you can decide if you want to view it or not.

1. Go back to WhatsApp settings and press chats

2. In the chats settings section you will see the option to see multimedia files

3. It will be activated by default, you have to disable it.

That would be all. Now the multimedia files of WhatsApp not only will not be automatically downloaded to your cell phone, but those that you decide to download will not appear in the gallery of your smartphone.