WhatsApp: how to send a message to someone without having to add it to your agenda?

For a person to appear in our WhatsApp contact list, we need to add their phone number to the phone book. However, a secret trick has just become a trend in social networks, available for Android Y ios that will allow you to send a message to anyone without having to add them. Would you like to learn it? Here we are going to teach you.

You may not know it, but WhatsApp has a function called ‘click to chat’ that allows you to chat with anyone who gives us their cell phone number, without having to save it among your contacts. In this way, you not only save valuable time, but also prevent that user (if he decides to add you) from seeing the photos or videos that you share as statuses.

1. Enter Play Store or App Store and download the latest version of WhatsApp.

2. Once you have updated the application, you must enter Google Chrome or any other browser that you have installed on your smartphone.

3. In the address bar you will have to write wa.me/ followed by the country code and the phone number.

4. If the person is from Peru, the prefix is ​​+51.

5. In this way, the address should look something like wa.me/+51999 999 999

That would be all. After searching, WhatsApp will automatically open a conversation on your Android or iPhone screen. If you look at the top, the number that we did not want to add will appear. Now you can chat with him and send him photos, videos, audios, etc.