WhatsApp: how to send audios with robot voice or other funny effects?

If you usually send audios Your WhatsApp friends will love knowing that there is a method to modify your voice with fun effects. One of the most popular allows users to sound like a cute robot. Do you want to learn this trick? Here we show you the steps.

Since this feature does not come natively in WhatsApp you will have to download an external call application called “Voice changer with effects”, which you can find for free at Google play store the app store of the devices Android.

Once you have installed this application you will see that it will ask you to have access to the microphone of your smartphone. You must give it this permission for it to work correctly and you can modify audios and add a robot, squirrel effect, among others that are available.

1. Enter Google play store and make sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp

2. Enter the application “Voice changer with effects”And tap the microphone icon

3. You must record the message you want to send by WhatsApp to your friends

4. When you finish recording, the application will show you all the available effects

5. Choose the one you like the most, you can have a small sample by pressing the Play button.

That would be all. If you choose the robot effect, for example, you will have to choose share option so you can send it to your WhatsApp friends although it is also compatible with Telegram and other instant messaging applications.

Those people will get an audio of yours and at first glance it will seem like an ordinary one; however, when they play it, they will notice that the voice memo has been modified to sound like a robot.