WhatsApp informs about the update in its privacy policy and details the data collected

During this last November 22, WhatsApp has launched a statement on the devices of all its users in Europe about the privacy policies that are currently in force, as well as about the data that Meta collects from its customers throughout the world. continent.

Despite the fact that there are no major differences between the newly released document and the one that existed before, what stands out the most is the apparent transparency that Meta wants to transmit to WhatsApp Internet users regarding the collection of their browsing data and other personal information.

This is done within the framework of the well-known data protection regulation (RGPD) that prevails in Europe, which establishes specific guidelines about the role of companies such as Meta in maintaining relative privacy while using their platforms.

The section of the WhatsApp statement that has caused the most stir is ‘How we work together with other Meta companies’, which lists point by point everything that is shared with other companies of Mark Zuckerberg’s multinational when using the instant messaging application. Next, we present the data to which Facebook and Instagram have access.

These conditions of use affect all users who are in European territory, whether they have voluntarily accepted the new privacy policies or not.