WhatsApp: know the meaning of the emoji of the happy face with smiling eyes

The popularity of emoticons has generated a new way of communicating moods, feelings, reactions and even complete sentences in our WhatsApp conversations. However, the meanings of some of these emojis are often misinterpreted. Do you want to know the real meaning of one of the most popular? Here we tell you

One of the most used emojis in WhatsApp conversations both in ios like in Android It is the one with the happy face with smiling eyes. It is represented as a yellow face with a modest smile, rosy cheeks, soft closed eyes.

According to the official Emojipedia page, the WhatsApp emoticon of the happy face with smiling eyes can be used to convey a wide range of warm and positive feelings, including love, happiness and gratitude.

Likewise, many WhatsApp users also tend to send this icon in their conversations when they have received a surprise or pleasant news from their partner or friend, be it a gift or a phrase they liked.

The popular ‘happy face with smiling eyes’ emoticon was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015. It is also important to know that despite having the same encoding, each platform, whether on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Telegram You can vary the design of each emoji to suit your operating system or interface.