WhatsApp: so you can check who has added you as a contact in the application

The only method without error. WhatsApp is the most used mobile messaging application on platforms Android and ios and perhaps that is why it is very difficult to meet someone who does not use the platform. Even so, it allows us to have conversations even when we do not have a contact added from our phonebook on the cell phone, which makes it difficult to know if we are part of that list or not. Would you like to learn how to check it with a infallible trick?

Many believe that profile picture It is a determining factor to know if someone has added you in their contact list, but the truth is that this is not always true. The Privacy settings of the application allows that the image that we show can be public, even for those who do not have in our agenda.

In this case, it is worth remembering that there are other elements to verify. For example, if you see that someone does not show a profile picture, but then all of a sudden it appears, that could indicate that it was at that very moment when they added you to their schedule in its mobile.

Be that as it may, none of these actions is infallible to check whether or not they have you added to a contact list But if you really want to know that, here we share a much more precise trick that does not need external applications. Just follow these steps.

To check if you are part of a contact list On a specific profile, you can use the useful New Broadcast feature:

This method is the safest to know if you are part of the contact list of a specific person. The broadcast message can only be received to recipients who have your phone number saved in their agendas.

WhatsApp presented an important progress of its tool ‘Picture-in-Picture’ (PiP), which allows to facilitate the visualization of videos of Youtube from the same conversation chats, that is, it is no longer necessary to leave the app.

This novelty of WhatsApp arrived for Android users who will be able to continue playing videos from Youtube through a floating window when you switch to another chat or even if you leave the platform and access other applications.