WhatsApp: the audio messages you receive will be heard differently in a future update

WhatsApp has been receiving new functions from Goal that have improved the interaction between users within the platform. One of the newest tools within the instant messaging application is the option to speed up audio messages in private and group chats.

However, this functionality is not supported by the sound files that a contact can send us, in such a way that we will not be able to save time by increasing the speed of audio playback.

But this would change soon. A leak by WABetaInfo reveals that in Goal They are already working on an option that allows Internet users speed up the playback of audio files on WhatsApp.

Analyzing the latest versions of the application, the aforementioned portal discovered that this functionality will be similar to the one we have in voice messages; that is, there will be up to two speeds, as shown in the image below.

This function will be very useful and very well received by users, especially if they receive sound files from a recorded call or songs, for example. However, little is known about this functionality.

Everything would indicate that it is still in the development stage, so there would not be a release date for the WhatsApp beta yet. In the case of the stable version, it is estimated that it may arrive in one of the next updates of the app.