WhatsApp: the new Black Friday scam that promises free Amazon products

East Friday, November 26 Black Friday is celebrated worldwide, a very popular date that begins the Christmas shopping season, in which it is possible to access great deals and discounts on thousands of products in both physical and virtual stores.

To capitalize on the huge interest in this annual event, scammers have launched a fraud campaign Through WhatsApp in which the identity of Amazon is impersonated to make users believe that the ecommerce platform is giving away products for Black Friday.

The ESET Latin America research team reported that the scam begins with the sending of a message by a trusted contact (who would also have been a victim of deception), which includes a link that redirects to the supposed official Amazon page.

The website invites you to participate in a questionnaire and complete a series of additional steps to apparently obtain one of the 5,000 gifts as part of the Black Friday celebration. The aim of the campaign is to convince the user to download a disreputable application.

This app could compromise your personal information and your device, either by subscribing to premium SMS services without consent, data theft or the installation of dangerous tools.

“Using various themes focused on each country and also massive, as in this case on Black Friday, the operators behind these campaigns use the name and image of well-known brands to constantly circulate new frauds,” he said. Miguel Angel Mendoza IT security researcher at ESET Latin America.

In that sense, the specialist recommended that people ignore these types of messages, even if they come from known contacts. In addition, he advised to delete the received texts without interacting with them to prevent fraud from taking place.