WhatsApp: the new features of the app for 2022 most anticipated by users

A few days after starting the 2022 WhatsApp has already released the novelties what will be with their new updates next year, with the aim of making this more dynamic and interactive social network.

The messaging app he would no longer think only of the internal improvements of his system but also in elements that users have asked for several years to innovate their profiles, chat and groups.

In this note we present the most anticipated in the application so you can be one of the first or first to add them to your mobile device Android or ios.

Named as “Nearby businesses” This section will allow you to select different items, such as restaurant chains, clothing stores or even small businesses to have a greater variety of choice. As you know, Goal it has already started a kind of business directory; However the Interface of this new feature is still in beta and is expected to be docked over the next several weeks or months to the latest update.

A new beta update of WhatsApp would be the ‘community’ option, which will be a private place where the group administrators they will have more control over their groups in the messaging app. Is section will help administrators group conversations better manage all linked groups, and there is also an advantage for group participants: for example, people who join a community can see the content of all linked groups, but when a group leaves the community already it will not be available through it.

The messaging app is also working on the function for configure and customize profiles of users, with the implementation of new buttons within the identification section. At the moment, it is known that this option would come first for iOS equipment.

Finally, a new element that attracted attention in the next updates of the application is the availability to choose who or who will be able to see our multimedia files within a chat. Within a menu, you will have the options of Contact that you can view your photo or content to send.