WhatsApp: the reason why the notice ‘You may have new messages’ appears

WhatsApp the most popular messaging application among users of Android and ios It is one of the most complete in terms of functions. Even so, not all the mechanics of the app are understood correctly by everyone. On social networks for example, evidence is left that there are many who do not know the reason for the notice ‘You may have new messages‘. This singular notification it appears almost unpredictably and generates a lot of confusion among millions of people.

What does ‘You may have new messages’ mean and at what moment does it appear? The warning is one of the most famous in networks because few have been able to decipher it correctly. However, its appearance does respond to a logic, although it is not always very coherent.

For many, the fact that the message appears shows an error or a fault detected in the application, related to the device connection. Although in some cases this may be true, the reasons go further.

According to various technology portals, this WhatsApp notification is generated when the phone has problems with synchronizing data in the background, especially with the application. This makes it unable to function normally.

Even so, there is another reason why this message can appear in the tray of our device and it is much more common than most think. The notice will be more frequent when we stop using our phone for a long time.

The reason is that, usually, when we stop using our cell phone for long periods of time Background connectivity can be suspended, causing the message to be triggered.

There is a third case for the generation of the notice ‘You may have new messages‘and it’s even more confusing. If you are in several groups of WhatsApp and many of these are muted, the notification can arrive when there are many new messages waiting to be seen.

If despite the reasons already explained, you would prefer that this small notification stops appearing on your phone, there is a way to avoid it, although it is only available for Android.