WhatsApp: the trick to download the status of your contacts in simple steps

WhatsApp being the messaging application most used by everyone where you can share messages, voice notes, videos, GIFs and emoticons and a way to show the moments are the states of the contacts. You should know that there are very practical tips to apply in your states without having to download an external program, the steps are easy to follow.

In the note we show you how to do this trick to lower the status of your friends without requiring an application which will load internal memory to your cell phone.

How to download the statuses of your contacts?

  • Open the file storage folder of your cell phone
  • Then find the folder called WhatsApp
  • Once found you will see different sub folders. Choose the one that says Media
  • After entering Media you will find that there are other files similar to WhatsApp. Just click on Status
  • Finally, you will be able to see all the States in less than 24 hours. Now just copy the one you want and save it.

What are the new emojis on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has new emojis ready for you to use in your conversations. Among the most recent are the icons of the mate, the paella, the bat, the mototaxi, the tooth, the clown, the ostrich, among others. Also the website of Unicode, the new members of this “select group” were chosen after an evaluation of the Subcommittee on Emojis of thousands of users who submitted emoji proposals.