WhatsApp: the ‘Trojan message’ sent by cybercriminals that you should never open

WhatsApp has become one of the favorite platforms of cybercriminals to hack and scam users through messages that encourage you to perform certain steps or invite you to open a link. As we discussed in previous notes, the cybercrime can occur in multiple ways, even more so when the social network does not infringe or limit the sending of a message to an unknown person.

Recently, the International Internet User Security Office has communicated that an email campaign is circulating that impersonates the identity of WhatsApp with the purpose of extract backup of in-app conversations and user’s call history.

The message includes a link that download a Trojan virus on the device and is represented as an invitation to update your backup of WhatsApp conversations. The good news is that the office ensures that if the user has received the e-mail but it has not executed the file that is downloaded in the false link, the most probable thing is that the cell phone is not infected, at least by that means.

To avoid some disaster in our app the security entity specifies that, in case the link has been clicked, we only need to delete the file that is in the download folder; furthermore, it is necessary trash mail that may have been received.

While, the body recommends that we should not open any type of link sent by chat, since the social network usually communicate about their updates as soon as the application is opened and not through a chat. “To check the veracity, you can contact the company or the service that supposedly sent you the mail, always through their official customer service channels,” they explain.