WhatsApp: this trick activates voice isolation for better call and video call quality

Has it happened to you? WhatsApp has allowed you to call your contacts through its platform for several years. Likewise, its video calling function also has considerable time in its interface which has only established even more strongly the popularity of this instant messaging application among users.

However, these tools are not perfect. In fact, many users have spoken about the quality of voice and video calls that can be had via WhatsApp, which at times fluctuates between good and simply bad.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to optimize the clarity and clarity of our voice during these telephone conversations and here we tell you what steps to follow to achieve it.

It should be noted that this trick will only work on mobile devices with Apple’s iOS operating system since only iPhone devices have the function of single concentration on the voice of users.

Done, now the calls through your app WhatsApp They will have better sound quality, and you will no longer have to face choppy conversations with your colleagues and colleagues in which they ask you to repeat what you said constantly.