WhatsApp Web: what happens when you press the keys ‘Ctrl’, ‘Alt’ and ‘comma’ on your PC or laptop

WhatsApp Web takes advantage of keyboard shortcuts to save time in our day to day life. The instant messaging platform has already become one of the most fluid for holding conversations in our laptop or Pc and, with this trick, you can save even more time. Find out what happens if you apply this unique combination of keys.

One of these most useful combinations is related to three specific keys (Ctrl Alt and eat). By pressing them at the same time, the application that belongs to Meta will hide your contact list and show you the settings instead.

In this way, you can modify the notifications, the theme (light or dark), the wallpaper of the chats, you even have the possibility to see the conversations that are archived and the people you decided to block from the application.

It is worth noting that this keyboard shortcut is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Brave, Microsoft Edge, among other browsers. Keep in mind that, in case you have a computer developed by Apple, you will have to replace the ‘Ctrl’ key with ‘Cmd’

WhatsApp presented an important progress of its tool ‘Picture-in-Picture’ (PiP), which allows to facilitate the visualization of videos of Youtube from the same conversation chats, that is, it is no longer necessary to leave the app.

This novelty of WhatsApp arrived for Android users who will be able to continue playing videos from Youtube through a floating window when you switch to another chat or even if you leave the platform and access other applications.

WhatsApp is a app instant messaging used for sharing photos videos or perform video calls. But that’s not all, it also has a ‘status’ section that allows users to post messages for 24 hours.

Thanks to a ‘trick’ shared by a user of Youtube we will be able to place our WhatsApp statuses songs favorites. If you want to know how to do it, then do not hesitate to review the following video that is all the rage on the networks.

Unlike stickers, emojis WhatsApp apps are smaller and come pre-installed with the instant messaging app. You may not know it, but there is a method that allows you to enlarge them and use them in your chats. Do you want to know?

East secret trick is available to all users, no matter if they have a phone Android or iPhone. If you want to try it to surprise your friends, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

The trick is in using the groups by WhatsApp. To do this, enter the application and click on the three-dot icon to open the options menu. Here select “New Group” to create one, add a trusted contact and finally choose a name for the chat.

When the group WhatsApp will only be enough to delete the contact you previously added. Ready, now there will be a chat where the only participant will be you and which you can use to send messages to yourself.

WhatsApp has become a app essential for anyone in both the work and personal environment, which forces many to have two telephones, one for each environment. However, if you want to avoid carrying two mobiles with you, WhatsApp has a trick to use two accounts on the same device.

While the market for mobile phone is currently covered by telephones Dual sim. This does not imply that necessarily with this feature we can use WhatsApp with two different phone numbers. To solve this problem we can resort to a trick that is simple enough.

Few WhatsApp users know that the app allows you to bold, italicize and underline certain texts, this in order to highlight these messages and in this way that the other person knows that they are important.

It is worth noting that this function is available to all WhatsApp users, not only to those of Android but also for those of iPhone. If you want to know how to bold, italicize or underline, then check out the following video.

If you have just installed WhatsApp on your iPhone or Android, you have surely seen that the WhatsApp Web option no longer appears in the instant messaging application. Instead, the creators decided to add an option called ‘Linked devices’ that serves the same function. Do you know why this modification occurred? Here we tell you the details.

You may not know it, but the multi-device mode of WhatsApp has just been made official, a new function that will bring many benefits to users. The main one is that they will be able to open their account on up to four different computers (a desktop PC, a laptop or a tablet, but not a second smartphone). Find out more here.

WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop are two very popular versions of the messaging app today, as it makes it easy to use the platform on various desktops and laptops. However, there is the possibility that someone could be spying on your conversations without you noticing.

Linking your account simultaneously to several devices can increase the possibility of someone accessing your messages, since each started session works independently; that is, if your cell phone is not connected to the Internet, it turns off, you lose it or it breaks down, it will still work on the linked devices anyway. If you want to rule out that possibility, here we will tell you how to do it.

If you are tired of belonging to a WhatsApp group but are ashamed to leave it, you should know that there is a trick secret with which you can say goodbye to that annoying group chat And no one will notice that you left

If you are eager to meet this fantastic trick WhatsApp that few people know, all you have to do is follow the steps shown below video that did not take long to return trend in the social networks.

Don’t miss any new message. Among the wide variety of functions that WhatsApp offers users, there is one in particular that allows you to be aware of your conversations without having to open the application, something that is especially useful if you want to avoid the appearance of the double blue check or your last Connection.

It is the official WhatsApp widget, a tool that is available on all phones with an operating system Android. Being a feature integrated into the messaging service you will not have to install additional applications on your phone. Do you want to know how to do it? We explain the step by step.

WhatsApp is still the most popular of all the applications to communicate, but even so, there are still many users who are unaware of most of their secret methods. A great example is this trick that allows you to change the font in chats. How to do it? Here we describe it to you.

Although there are several applications in Google play that will help you get a variety of sources to be able to surprise your friends when you send them a text message. Here we present one in particular: Stylish Text which is completely safe, easy to use and also does not require your personal data to function.

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application on devices ios and Android. Millions of people communicate through this space, whether for work, study or to go out with friends. However, there are times when we use the app that belongs to Facebook to tell our secrets and then we do not know how delete message.

Just as there are people who delete conversations of WhatsApp to clean the cache of the application and recover space in the storage of your phone, there are also users who do not delete anything and keep the record of everything that is in the chat.

Write it down. If WhatsApp is known for something besides being used by millions of people in the world, it is definitely for bringing more than one ‘secret trick‘. Now you can stay connected in the app without showing yourself ‘online‘and read messages without leaving the blue check without touching your Android or iPhone all thanks to a method only possible with WhatsApp Web. Are you interested? We reveal it to you here.

East ‘secret trick‘It is very useful, as it allows you to stay’invisible‘within WhatsApp without having to deactivate the option to show status, which would force you not to be able to see if others are also connected.