WhatsApp: what does 7w7 mean and why do many use it to flirt?

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application in Android and in ios since millions of people have it installed on their phone. Although through it it is possible to command texts, photos, videos, voice notes or stickers To communicate with our contacts, many users have chosen to send emojis created from letters like the ‘7w7 ′ or the’ 7u7 ′ which is widely used for flirting. Why? Here we tell you.

Unlike emoticons that have a definition given by the Unicode Consortium which standardizes the way punctuation marks and idiomatic characters are represented, these expressions like ‘7w7 ′ have a meaning that comes from the users themselves.

There is no exact date for when ‘7u7 ′ and’ 7w7 ′ were coined, but there is usually talk of a time around 2005 when a user added them in a fanfiction work, a friction work based on some material. already existing and created by fans.

As detailed by the specialized portal Trecebists, ‘7w7 ′ is one of the many expressions of the gamer world and informal chats. It’s a naughty new way of saying to someone “I’d like to go somewhere with you” or suggest something other than friendship.

To better understand the message, the use of 7w7 at the end of a sentence it denotes a flirtation or tenderness towards someone, since it is the new way that young people communicate in a WhatsApp chat or other messaging app.

Over the years, different emojis with letters have also been developed. Some are: “OwO”, which is a surprise emoji, “^ w ^”, which is an extremely happy spelling, “twt”, which is a crying emoji, and “ùwú”, an angry emoji.