WhatsApp: what happens when you press and hold the app icon for a few seconds?

Although 2021 has been one of the years in which the competition loomed the most, WhatsApp has managed to stay at the top as the most used and downloaded messaging application both in Android like in iPhone. Millions of people use the platform Goal to communicate with friends and family, but, of all of them, only a few know the tricks more secrets of the app, like this one that is activated when press the icon on the home screen for a few seconds. What does it cause? Here we detail it.

According to various specialized portals, both versions of WhatsApp (Android and ios) save not one, but two secret functions hidden in the icon that we use to access it from our Home menu.

Is about two options deliberately implemented by developers and that very few know about, since not everyone thinks of clicking the application icon in search of functions. Those who did it for some reason, were able to discover these mechanics.

When we press the WhatsApp icon for a few seconds, a menu will be triggered that will allow us to create shortcuts to the most recurring conversations on our account. Usually we will see a list of three available friends.

The other hidden function in this cheat is the camera access. This will be located just below the three options to create shortcuts. When we click on this option, we can take a photo or video to share it immediately with a contact on the platform.