WhatsApp: what is the ‘New Broadcast’ option for and why should you learn to use it?

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application that has many interesting options, which are available to its users, be they Android either iphone. Among all the functions that the Meta platform has, there is one called ‘new diffusion‘ which can be of great help to you; however, most people do not know how to use it correctly. What is it for? Here we are going to tell you.

In their official blog, the WhatsApp developers revealed that this function is used to send the same message to several of your contacts without having to create an unnecessary group. In this way, you will no longer waste time copying and pasting the text (or forwarding it several times), you will only have to use the ‘New broadcast’ and all recipients will receive that information privately.

It is worth noting that the people who receive the message you sent will think that you only wrote it for them, since it will arrive in the same personal chat they have. Thanks to this function, for example, you will be able to send a New Year or Christmas greeting to certain friends without having to enter each of their chats to do it manually.

How do you use ‘New Broadcast’?

  • Make sure WhatsApp is updated from the Play Store or App Store
  • Enter the application and press the three dots icon
  • Choose ‘New broadcast’ and select the contacts that will receive the same message
  • A chat (similar to a group) will be created in which only you can write, send photos, videos, etc.
  • That information that you send will reach (personally) each of those involved
  • If they reply, their messages will reach you in their private chat, not in the ‘New Broadcast’

‘New broadcast’ lets you know who has added you

You may not know it, but WhatsApp ‘New Broadcast’ can also be used to find out if a person (that you know) has added you to their phone’s calendar. The steps are quite simple and you can run them from your Android phone or iPhone:

  • Create a ‘New Broadcast’ with two people
  • One of them must be a trusted friend (that you know has you on WhatsApp), the other of the person you want to know if they added you
  • Send any message, it can be a text, photo, video, etc.
  • If the person has added you, then they will receive that message. Otherwise it will never come to you.
  • To check if it arrived or not, press the message for a few seconds and choose the Info option.