WhatsApp: what is the true meaning of the four fist-shaped emojis?

If you installed WhatsApp on your phone Android or ios You will surely have noticed that this instant messaging application has hundreds of emojis that you can use to liven up the conversations you have with your friends, family, co-workers, among other people.

Currently, WhatsApp has emojis of all kinds. There are those that help us to express our state of mind, we also have those that show various professions, animals, flags, foods, sports, vehicles, we even have the famous gestures, such as a clenched fist.

You may not have noticed, but WhatsApp has four clenched fist emojis each of them points to a different side. Although many users think they mean the same thing, the truth is that each should be used in certain situations. Here we are going to show you.

1. Fist forward

According to Meaning Emojis, a portal specialized in these topics, the closed fist facing forward means “You can!” and is used as a stimulus. It can also be used as a greeting between friends or a gesture to show that you agree with a decision. However, in some cases it is also used as a threat.

2. Raised fist

Unlike the previous one, the raised fist means “I can handle this!” According to the aforementioned media, it can be used as a gesture of struggle to support a political decision or a symbol of defiance, solidarity or resistance.

3. Fist to the left

This emoji can be used as an informal greeting between colleagues. If it is combined with its counterpart (the ‘fist to the right’), what is known as ‘fist clash’ is produced to represent friendship between two people.

4. Fist to the right

Finally, this WhatsApp emoji is also used to greet your friends, as a sign of respect, approval or congratulations.