WhatsApp: why do many think that the yellow heart is related to luck?

If you usually chat with your friends on WhatsApp or another instant messaging application, surely at some point you have sent or shared the emoji of the yellow heart as a reply. Although most people know what this symbol means, many netizens do not know the true meaning, some even think that it is related to luck or fortune, something that is totally incorrect. Here we will tell you the truth.

WhatsApp offers us more than 1,500 emojis on its platform, a very useful feature when we can’t find enough words to express something. One of the most used icons are hearts, which in total are 12 and of different colors, shape and design. Each of these emojis has a different meaning.

One of the most popular hearts on WhatsApp is the emoji of the yellow heart Although many users share it or send it to their friends and family to wish them luck or good fortune, this interpretation is wrong and is not related to its true meaning.

According to the official page of Emojipedia The yellow heart emoticon should be used to express pure and sincere love, which flows directly from the heart. It is not related to the love of a couple, but to that of friendship, happiness and joy.

The emoticon of yellow heart was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015. It is important to mention that, despite having the same Unicode encoding, each platform like WhatsApp and other messaging apps can vary the design of each emoji to suit their operating system or interface.