When are the birthdays of America’s drivers today?

Without a doubt, the morning show “America today” has been gaining the affection of all viewers and this is reflected in the fact that the program has just completed its third year since it began to air. Although over the years the program has undergone changes, today they have five drivers, that is why today in The popular We will tell you a little more about Ethel Pozo, Christian Domínguez, Janet Barboza, Giselo and Brunella Horna.

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When is Ethel Pozo’s birthday?

Ethel Well was born a December 15, 1980, is currently about to turn 42 years old. The conceited Gisela Valcárcel has already had the opportunity to celebrate her two birthdays in the program “America Today”. So last year she was trolled live by Christian Dominguez.

“Happy birthday little boss, have a happy time, make everything cry,” said the cumbiambero, to which she responded with a blunt negative. “No, not crying,” she pointed out, later recounting, “Christian told me, ‘Breathe, inhale, exhale so you don’t get emotional.'”

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When is Christian Dominguez’s birthday?

Christian Dominguez Alvarado He was born in Lima on July 25, 1983 and today he is 39 years old. The cumbiambero was surprised by the production of his program and did not hesitate to be moved by the pleasant surprise.

“Thank you very much, since 6 in the morning I have felt loved. I do not like that they celebrate my birthday because I am a crybaby. They always tell you things, but that day they say over and over again,” said the popular singer.

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When is Janet Barboza’s birthday?

the television presenter Janet Barbozawho gained more popularity for the program La Movida De Janet and who today is part of the cast of “América Hoy”, where he has been gaining more affection from the public was born on July 18, 1974 and today is 48 years.

“48 years ago, in a village called Zillangate, in Cutervo, Cajamarca, I saw the light, and I feel like a wonderful woman. I hope to reach 90,” said Rulitos, very moved.

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When is Giselo’s birthday?

Edson Davila or better known as the popular “Giselo” was recently birthday, which was last Tuesday September 13 and his classmates ‘America Today’ They did not hesitate to celebrate it and dedicate emotional words to it.

In América Hoy they decorated the set for the 39 years of Edson Dávila, and he left with everything when he said that his cake was not done well. “I am 39 years old, I have one more year left (…) I must say that the chocolate color (of the cake) was missing,” he specified. oops!

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When is Brunella Horna’s birthday?

Brunella Horna today she has become the youngest host on the small screen, so the popular “Bubu” was born on March 6, 1996 and this year she celebrated her 25th birthday in “América Hoy”, where she had a beautiful decoration for your special day.