Who are the best players from Japan to face Spain in the Qatar 2022 World Cup?

Japan face the powerful Spain in his last game of group E. The Japanese play the qualification to the round of 16 of the World Cup Qatar 2022. Although they achieved an incredible victory against Germany they stumbled upon Costa Rica.

Currently, the ‘Blue Samurai’ are second. To achieve a result that allows them to advance to the next round, the japanese team You will have to trust your best players. With figures who play for clubs like Arsenal, Frankfurt, Real Sociedad and Monaco, the Japanese will go for everything to stay in the world Cup.

Meet in this note five of the best names that Asians have in their squad.

Probably the greatest figure of Japan. He is a very skilled player who excels in one vs. one. At just 21 years old, he is part of the Spanish club Real Sociedad. The Japanese will put their hopes in this young player.

Another very decisive player for the Asian team. With great potential to unbalance and dribble opponents, it’s no surprise that Takumi Minamino wore Liverpool colors until recently.

Currently, he stands out in AS Monaco, the team to which his pass belongs. His great talent makes him one of the pieces of the ‘Blue Samurai’ against Spain.

One of the Japanese players with the best pass. Daichi Kamada He knows very well how to put his national teammates in front of the goal. He is worth 22 million euros and is part of the Eintracht Frankfurt squad.

The Arsenal defender is one of the youngest in the japanese team. At 23, he is already a member of one of the most important clubs in the Premier League. Japan hopes to trust their game on the defensive lines.

Soccer fans will remember more of his years playing for Marseille in France. He now shows his soccer in his national league. At 32 years old, hiroki sakai gives a significant amount of experience to the ‘Blue Samurai’.