Who are the famous TV celebrities who have the most followers on TikTok?

TikTok became the fashionable social network during 2021, and there were not a few celebrities from Peruvian television who sought to expand their popularity in this social network. Interestingly, the video platform has been conquered mostly by women, several of them reality girls from the quarries of Esto es guerra (EEG).

Here, the list of the ten television characters with the most followers on TikTok.

After leaving EEG in October 2021, 32-year-old Rosángela Espinoza focused on creating content for her social media and boosting her career as a travel influencer. Her work achieved positive results and she was crowned the queen of TikTok with 4.6 million followers, half a million more than she has on Instagram.

“Here I do a bit of everything: I dance, act and share my trips”, wrote the ‘Selfie Girl’, who has also been nominated for the Bousnid Awards 2021 for best tiktoker.

The ex-host of Esto es guerra (2015) and Yo soy kids (2014) María Pía Copello, who has just released her song “Ella baila sola” on YouTube, is the second best-positioned famous on TikTok with 4 million followers and 50 million ‘likes’ among all his videos.

The 43-year-old presenter is also nominated for the Bousnid Awards as celebrity 2021.

At the age of 17, the actress in Back to the neighborhood Merly Morello stands out as one of the youngest talents on Peruvian television. In addition, on TikTok it is followed by 3.6 million followers.

The ex-host of America today Melissa Paredes became a trend when she announced her separation from the soccer player Rodrigo ‘Gato’ Cuba after being captured with Anthony Aranda, her dancer from Reinas del show. However, this did not affect her popularity, as on TikTok she is followed by 3.6 million users.

The model and radio host Angie Arizaga is followed in TikTok by 3.1 million people. Most of his videos include his EEG partner and partner, Jota Benz who has a much smaller legion of followers, just 238,8000 users; And unlike her, he uses his social network to boost his career as an urban singer with his latest release ‘FREE SESSION’ in collaboration with the Puerto Rican rapper Irania, “La mai tuya”.

The protagonist of the youth soap operas Ven, baila, quinceañera (2015) and Princesas (2020) Flavia Laos is one of the most followed celebrities on Instagram (she has 4.3 million fans), but she also has a significant number on TikTok with 3.1 million followers.

The model and beauty queen (won the 2016 Miss Teen Pageant International title). Luciana Fuster made headlines in the last months of 2021 for the ampay with Patricio Parodi, her partner in EEG and ex-partner of her examiner Flavia Laos. However, TikTok has a legion of 3 million followers despite the fact that their publications are made to wait. The latest, a lip sync on what she would wear for Christmas, was released on December 19 and amassed 2.7 million views.

The case of the influencer Esaú Reátegui Wong, La Uchulú, is curious. Although he started his career in social networks in 2018, he made his leap to fame by starring in the viral video of the song “I don’t know” by the group Explosión de Iquitos. This helped him enter television and become part of the cast of the Saturday program El reventonazo de la Chola, which helped cement his number of fans on TikTok, since he has so far reached the 2.8 million followers.

The 32-year-old Uruguayan Ignacio Baladán is a well-known face on Peruvian television for his time at the realtiy This is war, in which he currently remains and in which he forged, years ago, a good friendship with María Pía Copello, with whom He recorded funny videos for Instagram and TikTok. It is precisely on this social network that it is followed by 2.5 million people, an achievement that has allowed it to be nominated for best tiktoker at the Bousnid Awards 2021.

The singer and trainer in La voz senior and La voz kids Daniela Darcourt is very active on TikTok, a social network where she reaches the 2.2 million followers. “Welcome to my crazy world”, writes as a description the interpreter of “If I’m so bad” and “Mannequin that breathes”, who has just announced that he managed to overcome the coronavirus (COVID-19).