Who are the musical heirs of Grupo 5, Armonía 10, Agua Marina and other orchestras?

The cumbia orchestras in Peru they have achieved overwhelming success at the national and international level; However, it did not arrive overnight but was the result of a hard effort as a family. Today, musical groups such as Armonía 10, Agua Marina and Grupo 5 have iconic leaders who in a few years will have to give up their positions. Here we tell you who the heirs are.

Christian Yaipén, son of the ‘Faraón de la cumbia’ Elmer Yaipén is today the vocalist of Group 5. The young Peruvian singer and composer graduated from the prestigious Berklee music university, United States, with a degree in Sound Engineering and Musical Writing. In addition to his role as an interpreter, he has participated as a coach in La voz kids, along with Eva Ayllón, Daniela Darcourt and Joey Montana.

Leandro Lozada is the son of Walter Lozada (owner of Armonía 10). He studied secondary school at the San Ignacio de Loyola school in Piura, from where he aspired to study music abroad. During the coronavirus pandemic, his plans changed, so in 2020 he planned to apply to the National Conservatory of Music. On the last December 19, he was introduced as a new member of the group and, despite being just a teenager, he is emerging as one of the great figures of the group.

The heir of Pepe Quiroga is currently working as a music producer for Agua Marina. In addition, the young man, native of Sechura, Piura, is also a guitarist. Through his social networks, he shares photos and videos of his day-to-day life and the activities he carries out with the orchestra.

Donnie Yaipén is the son of Javier Yaipén, one of the founders of the Yaipén Brothers. He was born in Monsefú, Chiclayo, and at the age of 12, the current musician, composer, arranger and singer was already accompanying his father and uncle Walter in the concerts offered by the musical group in the ‘City of friendship’ and its surroundings.

Finally, Alonso Villacorta, son of Alex Villacorta, has already been adding successes with his voice thanks to Tribute to Mallanep, “Nothing will remain”, “SOS to my love” and the next feats with Hermanos Yaipén and Cedric Vidal.