Who are the parents of Stefano Meier, the actor who breaks it in “Maricucha 2”?

Talent is in your veins! The actor Stefano Meier traveled abroad to prepare professionally, until he got the opportunity to work in the telenovela “Maricucha 2”, playing domenico rossi. Who are your parents? In this note from The popularwe tell you the details about them.

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Who are Stefano Meier’s parents?

Christian Meier

His full name is Christian Dietrich Meier Zender, was born on June 23, 1970, so he is currently 52 years old, he has a career as an actor, model and singer, currently residing in Los Angeles. He has been the protagonist of several telenovelas such as “The Fox”“Doña Bárbara”, among other great successes.

He left his career as a soap opera actor because he felt that his stage of participating in melodramas was over, dedicating himself to acting in some movies and continuing his career as a singer. He is now focused on supporting his son professionally Stefanowho has decided to follow the same path as him.

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Marisol Aguirre

His full name is Marisol Aguirre-Morales Prouvéshe was born on April 1, 1971, so she is currently 51 years old, being very contemporary with Christian Meier, she has dedicated herself to working as an actress, model and television host, becoming known for her participation in the soap opera “Sparrow”where she met the father of her children.

Got married with Christian Meier On August 13, 1995, as a result of their relationship, they had three children, but they ended up divorcing in 2009. After their separation, she confessed that she had to put her acting career aside in order to support him and accompany him wherever he goes. while taking care of raising their children.