Who are the participants that shone in La Voz Perú and managed to enter recognized orchestras?

The Latin Singing Contest, The Voice Peru It serves as a springboard for various artists who want to make a name for themselves in the music industry and bring their talent and music to millions of people. During the last seasons, it was shown that Peruvians have potential and that is why, after the end of the show, several participants had the opportunity to enter recognized orchestras of the field that bet on their talent.

Los Caribeños de Guadalupe, Los cinco de oro and Bareto are some of the largest groups that realized the high level of La Voz contestants and decided to join their ranks. In this note, learn about the stories of Edu Baluarte, Jair Montaño, Giuseppe Horna, Joseph buitron and Freddy Armas.

He first stepped on the La Voz stage when he was 12 years old in 2014 and managed to get the teacher Eva to turn her seat. After his experience in the kids category, he revealed that he had access to several opportunities and, therefore, decided to form a musical duo with his brother in which they sing Peruvian music. His first song was “I lost my heart” from his former coach, Eva Ayllón.

He is self-taught. At home, he has a music studio where he is the one in charge of producing, mixing and fine-tuning the voices. He reveals that he has never taken a course on the subject, but is passionate about music production. In 2021, already 20 years old, he returned to the program and entered the blind auditions with the theme “I love you I love you” by Nino Bravo and managed to get the four coaches to turn around; however, he decided on the team of the Venezuelan singer-songwriter Guillermo Davila.

Despite having reached the final, he could not raise the glass. Even so, Edu Baluarte received great news: the successful cumbia orchestra The Caribbean of Guadeloupe of which Tommy Portugal was part, saw his enormous talent and invited him to be part of his team. In October of the same year, Fernando Aspericueta, musical director, made the entry of the young talent official.

“In this Golden Jubilee, Caribeños also wanted to celebrate it by adding a new generation of voices. I am sure that Edú Baluarte and José Henríquez will soon give a lot to talk about in cumbia like Jossimar and Tommy Portugal did “ Nando Aspericueta commented in a press interview.

He fell in love with music from a very young age and, at the age of 15, he auditioned for the first time for La Voz Perú; however, it failed to move on to the next stage. Years later, and with more experience after having the opportunity to work with Grupo 5 directed by Christian Yaipén, Giuseppe returned to reality for a second chance. His chosen song was “Volver a amar” by Cristian Castro in a salsa version and, to his surprise, he got the four coaches to turn around almost immediately.

“I had a disappointment and a fear, but I had to get the nail out and that’s why I went. I passed the audition blind. It was a dream come true because that was my intention “ Giuseppe Horna told La República. He chose the teacher Eva and despite her undeniable talent, she only reached the knockout stage and lost to Joseph Buitrón.

Now, at 24 years old, the musician with a heart from Huacha had already had the opportunity to also work with Los Hermanos Yaipén and be the vocalist of the famous Mix Juan Gabriel, a video clip that has more than 100 million views on YouTube. For this reason, the renowned group Bareto invited him to be part of its ranks after the end of the reality show.

Although he only spent four months in the orchestra because he is focused on promoting his solo career, the cumbiambero has good memories. “We were already playing songs, there was already an advanced work, but something beautiful was not achieved. IAnyway, I am a huge fan of each one of them because Bareto is a human group of pure musical monsters, they are very brave “ he commented to La República.

Another of the great musical talents who stepped on the stage of La Voz Perú was Joseph Buitrón. The 29-year-old chalaco made the trainers dance during his blind audition with the song “Amigos con Derecho” by Maluma and Reik.

He managed to get Eva Ayllón and the sauce boat Daniela Darcourt to turn their chairs and get excited when they saw him sing. In the end, he chose the interpreter of “Saca las manos” and “Mal paso”. The artist revealed that the pandemic affected him a lot, since the entertainment sector was one of the hardest hit; For this reason, he began to resort to selling masks and food with his mother.

After several weeks of competition, Joseph was going to be eliminated but managed to get Guillermo Dávila to give him a second chance. He reached the stage of live concerts, in which he faced Fito Flores, who interpreted the song “Guilty or not” by Luis Miguel and could not overcome it.

Nothing stops it. As recalled, Joseph Buitrón has been a member of the La Combinación de la Habana salsa orchestra for six years, and he is very grateful for the opportunity. “He has taught me a lot, an orchestra in which I have learned too much, and I have gained a lot of experience. I feel very happy to belong to this musical family ”, he expressed for La Voz.

At the age of 20, the young man from Ferreñafe, Jair Montaño appeared on the Latina reality show and impressed with his melodious and romantic voice, as defined by his mother when she accompanied him to auditions. Jair inherited a passion for music, since in his hometown he belongs to his family’s tropical group.

In 2015, he also participated in La Voz Kids and reached the semifinal stage with Luis Enrique’s team. Therefore, he returned to remove the thorn and try to take the cup. He sang the song “Desesperado” in a cumbia version by José José and in seconds Eva Ayllón, Daniela Darcourt, Mike Bahía and Guillermo Dávila turned their seats.

He chose Daniela Darcourt, who had in his team strong voices such as Joaquina Carruitero, who won season 22 of Yo soy with the character of Adele. It was against her that he lost in the final week of the contest. Jair Montaño sang a mix by Grupo Nectar but it wasn’t enough.

The time he was in the contest was enough for the Bareto group to realize his potential and invited him to be part of their squad. He accepted and managed to sing the last album of the orchestra called Love is not for the weak, which led him to travel to various provinces of Peru.

The Venezuelan artist Freddy Armas already had experience in music contests having participated in Yo soy imitating the singer Luis Fonsi, an act that allowed him to arrive as a second finalist in 2018. He chose that character because, when he sang on the buses to be able to carry When he entered his home, passersby commented that his voice color was very similar to that of the interpreter of “Despacito”.

Also, while singing in the streets, he was lucky enough to come across someone who was impressed with his voice and had contact with the Candela orchestra.He told him that he would notify him to be called and, a few weeks later, he managed to be part of the front of the renowned orchestra.

Then in 2021, he auditioned at La Voz with the song “Historia de un amor” and dazzled the entire jury. Finally, he chose Daniela Darcourt and fought to reach the final. However, he was only in competition for a few weeks, and ended up being eliminated after singing the bolero “Morir de amor” in the cumbia version.

At that time, specifically, in July of the same year, the media announced that Freddy Arms He was signed by the cumbia group Los 5 de oro alongside Dantes Cardosa, Mathías Colmenares, Aldo Riccio and Renzo Pastor. “The boys have received me with open arms, I have come to join and learn from the great talents that are in this group that has been breaking it with great successes throughout Peru ”, he commented in an interview for the press.