Who is Ale Venturo, best friend of Natalie Vértiz and outgoing of Gato Cuba

The well-known soccer player Rodrigo Cuba is in the middle of the public eye after he was caught with Ale Venturo, who is a very close friend of the model Natalie Vértiz. As it is remembered, last weekend the player enjoyed a day at the beach with his daughter, but he was also accompanied by the blonde and her little girl.

YOU CAN SEE: Ampay! Rodrigo Cuba and Ale Venturo are captured together on the beach: These are the images [VIDEO]

The Instagram page of Instarandula shared exclusive images of what would now be the new couple. As a result of these controversial images, thousands of users and public figures have spoken out about the possible romance of Rodrigo Cuba, who recently divorced his ex-wife Melissa Paredes because of a commented ampay with a dancer.

But many have wondered who is the blonde who apparently conquered the heart of a Sport Boys footballer, that is why today in El Popular we will tell you more about her.

Who is Ale Venturo?

Alexandra venturo or better known as Ale VenturoShe is a young mother of a little girl and a businesswoman who is no stranger to the Peruvian show, as she has had Natalie Vértiz and her sister Mariana as best friends for 6 years. In addition, he has been a partner of the former reality show Ernesto Jiménez in 2017.

The blonde Ale Venturo is also an influencer and is the owner of the business “La Nevera Fit”, which has stores in La Molina, Surco and Miraflores.

Ale Venturo and Gato Cuba: How did they meet?

It was Instarandula who shared unpublished images of Rodrigo Cuba and who would be his new conquest, Ale Venturo, spending a day together on the beach Pulpos with their daughters.

In the pictures, Rodrigo Cuba can be seen first with his little Mia, while wearing shorts and walking on the sand, and then he approaches her Ale Venturo, with whom he begins to have a pleasant conversation.

The young woman in question used a black bathing suit, and is happy and smiling when exchanging words with the now member of the Sport Boys. They do not go out sharing a kiss, but you can appreciate that they enjoy each other’s company.

Rodrigo Cuba excited about Ale Venturo and dedicates a song to him

After the flirtations between Rodrigo Cuba and Ale Venturo, and by spreading photos with Natalie Vértiz’s best friend on New Year’s Eve, ‘Gato’ Cuba decided not to continue hiding his illusion of believing in love again.

“I met such a beautiful girl, she has a street, but she is a maiden, for life she, she. When you are missing, I am your puzzle that is missing a piece”, is heard in the song called ‘I fall in love’ by Lenny Tavarez, Zion & Lennox.