Who is Alejandra Fukuda, the new girlfriend of Rafael Fernández, ex-husband of Karla Tarazona?

Will he leave his new conquest? Businessman Rafael Fernandez He became well known on Peruvian television after he began a relationship with the host Karla Tarazona, with whom he got married and divorced with the same speed with which they fell in love and decided to formalize their relationship. The separation of both was a bucket of cold water for their followers, since, in front of everyone’s sight and patience, the romance was going better than ever. What’s more, they had even thought about the possibility of expanding the family.

However, monotony was gaining on the popular ‘egg cup‘ and made him decide to continue more with the radio announcer who radically changed his life with all the luxuries that the pilot offered him. The model and the son of doctor Manolo Fernández decided to reconcile and continue their personal lives as if nothing had happened. However, there is a difference between the influencer and her ex-partner because the latter resumed his social life to the point of finding a new love. Who is it? Next, we tell you all the details.

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Has Rafael Fernández already divorced Karla Tarazona?

After the model Karla Tarazona signed the reconciliation with her ex-partner Rafael Fernández, the media relationship was calmer, unlike at the beginning, when both told each other everything and revealed unpublished details of the time they lived together. At that time, everything indicated that the divorce would come out in December 2022. From that moment, both would renew the marital status of their ID as single, but it was not like that.

This was because, at the end of last year, the influencer told on the small screen that the businessman did not pay for the separation process and, therefore, the papers do not proceed: “If you go out to say that you no longer love a person, that you already want to separate, why put a ‘but’ to sign the paper? (…). At least on my part, everything is clear (…). What a need to continue together. That is a desire to scrub if You already have a person and you’re dating someone.”

Given this, the pilot did not remain silent and responded legally through a notarized letter: “It is for a rectification issue that they said within their program (D’mañana), in which it was said that I had not wanted to pay the subject of conventional separation and she was doing it to annoy. I have the evidence that shows the day and time I paid, which was the same day she paid.” Currently, it is known that all his documents will only come out in February.

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How did Rafael Fernández and Alejandra Fukuda start their romance?

It is important to mention that this would not be the first time that the businessman Rafael Fernández has been seen in his stories or in a social event with a young woman, since he has also done so on previous occasions. The difference is that a few weeks ago the “Love and Fire” cameras interviewed him and the helicopter pilot revealed that he is his new outgoing. In this way, he expressed: “She is my outgoing, well. She is a flight attendant … she came out with my (divorce) paper on November 27 and we started dating later in January.”

At the meeting attended by Karla Tarazona’s ex-partner for the end of the year, they could already be seen together, according to the stories he himself published on his social networks. Likewise, from what they said in the entertainment program, the couple saw each other for the first time in a group of athletes who do cycling. Apparently, there they fell in love and now they even travel together.

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Who is Alejandra Fukuda?

The beauty Alexandra Fukuda is a 27-year-old young woman who develops in the world of commercial aviation as a cabin crew member. Everything indicates that she works in an airline that has arrival in Peru. It should be noted that this information was not given by her partner Rafael Fernández, but rather by the reporters from “Amor y fuego” who found out what she was doing and the businessman could only confirm the journalists’ version.

Likewise, it is known that the young lady has never appeared on television before, which is why the helicopter pilot did not want to give more details about their new relationship when they asked about her.

In this sense, he stated: “No, now complicated. She is my new partner, but without any public…”. Hours after this interview, the couple went on a trip to Argentina to see the gaucho country. Honeymoon? Everything indicates yes.