Who is Alvaro Sarria Lancho, the director who conquered the heart of Lorena Álvarez

Lorraine Alvarez announced his engagement with Alvaro Sarria Lancho on the morning of this Thursday, January 6. The journalist did not hesitate to share with her thousands of Instagram followers the happy moment she is going through with her partner. “Of course it is! With you to infinity. It was always you, “he wrote on the platform.

In the publication you can also see the precise moment when the communicator listens to the romantic proposal of her future husband and the emotional reaction she had while putting on the engagement ring.

“I’m a little nervous and you’re right there to make it official that I want to marry you,” were the words that were dedicated to the figure of Latina while she burst into tears.

Álvaro Sarria Lancho, Lorena Álvarez’s fiancé has always stayed out of the art scene and television screens. Despite this, he pursues a career closely related to the artistic environment.

He is an audiovisual director by profession and has more than 20 years of experience, as mentioned on his website. In addition, he is an entrepreneur. His production company is located in Miraflores and he has worked hand in hand with big brands in TV spots and even in productions for social networks.

The journalist’s partner is also a lover of the sea and waves, as evidenced by social networks.

In March 2021, Álvaro Sarria and Lorena Álvarez acquired a new home and were more than happy in a photograph that they later posted on Instagram.

Lorena Álvarez did not hesitate to remember the moment when she was encouraged to invite Alvaro Sarria to your first date. As she told months ago, her initiative did not work because her current boyfriend did not accept the proposal.

However, the television presenter did not give her arm to twist and insisted on other occasions. “Then he invited him again, the one who perseveres reaches. You have to break the myths, stereotypes, be waiting for the phone to ring, you call ”, he said.