Who is Arlette Rujel, the new Miss Hispano-America and what elegant career did she study at the age of 23?

The beauty Arlette Rujel traveled to Bolivia to represent Peru in the international Miss Hispano-America 2022 pageant, where more than 20 delegates from countries of Spanish language or descent faced each other.

Each of them sought to be the successor to the Mexican Andrea BazarteReina Hispanoamericana 2021, but the only one who managed to obtain the crown was arlette rujelgiving one more victory to our country.

Learn more about arlette rujel in her facet as a teacher and since what age has she lived away from her parents.

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Who is Arlette Rujel?

Arlette is a professional model and has extensive experience on the catwalks, having started in the world of beauty when she was only 13 years old. Also, thanks to her beauty and bearing, she has managed to be crowned in several of them. The model she measures 1.81 cm.

In 2020, he managed to win the Miss Callao and represented that region in the national Miss Peru pageant, however, she could only be part of the Top 5 and become the jury’s favorite but was eliminated by public vote.

But who managed to be the winner of Miss Peru and managed to beat Arlette, was Janick Potdue to the good development and great performance in the beauty contest, being chosen as Our Universal Beauty Peru 2020.

During her participation in the contest held in Esto es Guerra, the model showed her most sensitive side by remembering her parents, who are currently living abroad. It is because of that arlette rujel she has become an independent woman at the age of 22.

What did Arlette Rujel study?

The actual Miss Hispanoamerica 2022 She is an etiquette teacher at the school of Marina Mora since he was 22 years old. Likewise, he is a modeling coach, he has provided personalized catwalk and footpose classes.

As he also prepares Misses and models, image consulting.

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What message will Arlette Rujel transmit as the new Spanish-American queen?

In the contest, the model gave an excellent response about the message that she would transmit to all citizens when she became the new Spanish-American queen.

“As the Hispanic American queen, I would work hand in hand with the organization to carry the message to all of Hispanic America that women are capable, we are strong and we can do whatever is proposed to us, and for this reason, we deserve respect, equality and justice,” said the model.