Who is Astrid, the Norwegian princess who went on strike to marry a commoner?

Princess Astrid, sister of the current King Harald V of Norway, embodies loyalty and hard work. After the early death of her mother and the removal of her older sister from the crown, she had to exercise the role of first lady during the reign of her father, Olaf V, fact that prevented her from marrying the love of her life: a commoner.

However, the princess fought for her love to the end and did not let the king or the crown stop her from marrying the young man in 1961. Learn here her incredible story and how she changed the monarch’s mind to achieve her goal.

Princess Astrid fought for her love to the end and didn’t let the crown stop her from getting married. Photo: Monarchies

Astrid, Princess of Norway: a life dedicated to service

Astrid was born on February 12, 1932 and is the second of the children of King Olaf V and Princess Marta.

During World War II, she, along with her parents and siblings, Princess Ragnhild and the current King Harald V, escaped the German invasion of Norway in 1940. When she returned in 1945, Astrid’s older sister Ragnhild married one of the kingdom’s bodyguards and moved away from the crown: he moved to Rio de Janeiro, where he remained all his life.

Her sister’s exile, plus the sudden death of Princess Marta, Astrid’s mother, forced her to exercise the role of first lady at the side of her father, King Olaf V.

Princess Astrid had to play the role of first lady alongside her father, King Olaf V. Photo: Monarchies

Princess Astrid and Johan Martin Ferner, a true love story

When Astrid met johan martin ferner, the son of an Oslo department store owner, knew he was the one. However, because of his royal rank and position, it was impossible for a marriage to take place.

Faced with this situation, Martin Ferner decided to distance himself and marry an artist in 1953, but they divorced just two years later without leaving any descendants.

Soon after, Astrid and Johan met again and decided to fight together against the kingdom to get married, but the situation was adverse: her father and the town rejected the union, since Ferner was now not only a commoner, but also divorced.

Princess Astrid fell in love with Johan Martin Ferner, son of an Oslo department store owner. Photo: Olympics

Princess Astrid and how a strike allowed her to have a happy ending

In 1960, the princess decided not to give in and made a decision that changed her life forever: she began a strike in which refused to fulfill his royal obligations until his father consented to the marriage.

Finally, King Olaf V allowed the union of the young people, but the event, which took place in 1961, was a real scandal, so much so that the Bishop of Oslo refused to marry them. However, this did not determine the happiness and future of the happy couple.

As a consequence of her union with the young commoner Ferner, Astrid lost the title of “Royal Highness”, but in exchange He had five children and spent 50 years with the love of his life.until in 2015 he passed away.

Princess Astrid spent 50 years with the love of her life. Photo: Who