Who is Brunella Torpoco? the young export chalaca sauce boat who suffered an attack

Brunella Torposo recently suffered an attempt on her life at the door of her home in La Perla Callao, after being surprised by an experienced motorist who shot 5 five times and his vehicle, but happily they did not achieve their mission.

Next, we will tell you a little about some passages of his life until he was earning a place in salsa in our country with great care.

Who is Brunella Torpoco?

Bruella Torpoco was born in Calloa and has barely 22 years old. He comes from a modest family, but has always had the sauce in his veins. He commented in an interview for another local medium that he began working for small orchestras alongside his father and soon gained ground in this musical genre.

“I’ve been in music for six years now. I started working with my dad in small digital orchestras. Now I am as a soloist and I put effort into everything, so little by little they are bearing fruit. It’s nice that they recognize your talent. I am very grateful to the public that follows me and one must always do one’s best to go far, “he said.

She pointed out that she will continue down the path of salsa from bolero to salsa where she calls it ‘salsa of spite’. Throughout his young career he has achieved very successful songs such as “Honda”, “Lady”, “Bad Man”, “Her”, “Scoundrel”, “I played your role”, among other songs that he disseminates on his social networks.

Toured abroad

Brunella Torpoco He has already managed to consolidate his musical career but now he opens his talent to internationality with his tours in various European cities and recently returned to Lima to continue with his musical plans.

Due to a pandemic we have been paralyzed, but now we are giving everything to the reactivation, but always taking care of the biosafety protocols, “said the singer.

And despite the fact that the sauce boat began to have international contact, she assured that she will continue with her face-to-face shows in our country and that is how to receive the New Year she will be at the great concert that will take place at the Palmeras venue, located in Trapiche, in the district of Comas.