Who is César Ceja, the Mexican producer who inspired Mon Laferte to create “Your lack of love”

The Mexican music industry has lost a great talent. The music producer César Ceja He passed away on January 3 at the age of 40. And it was precisely his ex-partner, the Chilean singer Mon Laferte who is at the peak of his career, who confirmed the sad news.

The interpreter of “Your lack of wanting” She was a partner of Ceja for more than six years and he was also one of the first to lend a hand when he migrated to the Aztec country in search of popularity and recognition.

The medical reason for the death of the musical figure is still unknown. The only confirmed data is the date when it happened. The ‘Chino’ died on Monday, January 3, in his hometown: Veracruz.

He was a music producer and composer who worked alongside several of the greatest national and international artists. He was part of the making of several of the albums of his ex-partner Norma Monserrat, better known as Mon Laferte, such as Disposable (2011), his first collaboration, Tornasol (2013) and Mon Laferte Vol.1 released in 2015; With these albums the artist managed to consolidate herself internationally.

Cejas also co-wrote several of his hit songs like “Tormento”, “Orgasmo para dos”, “Vuelve por favor” and “Igual que yo”. In addition, they worked together on the main theme of the Peruvian film El buen Pedro by Sandro Ventura.

However, his work was not only behind the scenes or booths, but thanks to his talent with the guitar he was able to play an important role in one of the tours of the Spanish singer Ana Torroja, a former member of the band Mecano in the 80s and 90. In short, a versatile artist.

He also worked with the iconic Alejandra Guzmán, Paty Cantú and Sandra Echevarría. One of his last jobs – and one of the most important – was performing as a guitarist and arranger on the last albums of ‘Potrillo’ Alejandro Fernández called “Made in Mexico” and “Rompiendo border”.

It all started in 2009, when the artist from Viña del Mar and César played covers in Veracruz and Mon had not been in Mexico for long. Just two years later, they collaborated for the first time for the album “Disposable”, with which he became known in the lands of tequila. In this work, César Cejas was the producer and co-author of 10 songs.

However, everything took an unexpected turn when they went from just having a professional relationship to something else, as they fell in love. The love for music united them and that is why they were together for more than six long years. The passion they both had was so great that when they finished, it inspired Mon to create one of his biggest hits: “Your lack of love” which has more than 300 million views on YouTube.

The first to show her pain at the musician’s departure was Mon Laferte herself, who through an extensive message on her Instagram account showed the infinite love she still has for him.

“Dear Cesar, you were my best friend and partner for more than 6 years, you gave me a family in Mexico, you always took care of me when I was sick, you made me laugh a lot, I wrote you many songs and you wrote me many too” The Chilean wrote and revealed that she will continue to sing the songs she created with him.

The composer Paty Cantú also dedicated a message published in one of her Instagram stories. “Friend, I love you very much, I thank you very much, for the songs, the reflections, the company, the genuineness and the complexity of the time with you” shared the pop star.

On the other hand, the nicknamed ‘Chino’ received a message from the ‘Queen of hearts’, Alejandra Guzmán who showed great affection for him. “Rest in peace. Have a good trip, rocker “ express.

Finally, the former Timbiriche Benny Ibarra also spoke: “Good trip to the infinite adored and talented César Ceja. Thank you for bringing my songs to life. For taking care of ours. For always being a faithful friend. For your music. Forever, “said the Mexican actor and producer.