Who is Duilio Vallebuona and what was he doing before joining “Esto es bacán”

He went back to television. Duilio Vallebuona, is remembered for his participation in competition reality shows “This is war” Y “Combat“. The young man was considered at that time as a promise of the peruvian tennisdue to his great physical capacity and talent with the racket, however, his main priority was his studies and he left the artistic world to finish his professional career in the University of Piura. Now he’s back on television as part of the new Willax TV show, “Esto es bacán.”

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Duilio Vallebuona and his time in reality shows

The Peruvian tennis player Duilio Vallebuona was introduced as a new participant of Esto es Guerra in 2016, at that time, the model also expressed his liking for the program and his joy at joining the competition. “I’m happy to be on the best television program and I’m going to give my best,” Vallebuona said.

Two years later he made an appearance in the reality competition of America Television“Combat: The Origin of the Origin”, after that he repeated the cycle, and returned to “This is War in 2020”, after his departure he decided to get away from the spotlight and dedicate himself to finishing university.

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What did Duilio Vallebuona study?

The Peruvian athlete and model, Duilio Vallebuona graduated in Business Administration from the University of Piura, after completing this professional career for 11 years. In October 2021, the former reality boy shared photos of his graduation on his Instagram and was quite happy.

“University graduate at last! Two years after due due to the pandemic and 11 years after entering the university”, wrote the former participant of “This is war“.

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Duilio Vallebuona in the “Top 15 most beautiful men in the world”.

Duilio Vallebuonrepresented the country in the contest to choose the most beautiful men in the world, Mister Internacional 2019, which took place in Philippines. The also tennis player who represented us in the Davis Cup was rated among the 15 most attractive men on the planet.

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Duilio Vallebuon in “This is cool

After being away from the screens for a while, Duilio Vallebuona,, returned as one of the members of the new competition reality show, “Esto es bacán”. The young man was introduced by Gian Piero Díaz and joked about the presence of Zumba on set. Also, he danced in front of cameras but admitted that it is not his strong suit.

The young model and athlete joins the program along with characters and former reality guys like Alexander Benitesbetter known as “Zumba, Alejandro Pino, Andrea Arana, Allison Pastor, Chris Soifer and Bryana Pastor.