Who is Embolo, a Swiss player who scored for his country of origin and helps Peru?

In the match between Switzerland vs. Cameroon for the first day of group G of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, an emotional event took place in the second half. The attacker of the European squad Breel Embolo took advantage of a great assist from Shaqiri to whip out a whiplash with his right leg and score his first goal in a World Cup.

The Monaco footballer took his face and was moved by having marked his country of origin. The experienced Swiss winger Shaqiri overflowed in a great way through the right sector and took a low pass for Breel Embolo to appear and send it to save with a powerful shot with the inside edge of the booty.

Plunger and his family are originally from Cameroon, to be more exact, from the city of Yaoundé (the largest with more than 2.8 million people). For the young footballer, it was never in his plans to play for the Swiss team. However, his life was turned upside down when he moved to France and his mother got married to a Swiss citizen.

The Swiss player created the Embolo Foundation, in which it provides support to low-income people and in adverse situations in various countries of the world. Thus, it focuses especially on Cameroon, Switzerland and Peru. His mother, Germaine, confessed that the idea for Breel began when she was 14 years old. “I was shocked by poverty. He immediately told me: ‘We have to help’”, recounted in an interview.

The desire to help was observed from his grandfather, who always shared what little he had. “Sharing is its reason for being. He is a fisherman and every time he has something he shares it with the whole neighborhood. He would give the last cent of it. His motto is: ‘Help and you will be helped’”, detailed Breel Embolo.

In Peruvian territory, Embolo provides support to two orphanages in a special way, located in Lima and Huancayo. In the Peruvian capital, Breel and her entire team pay for the milk that is given to all the children at the center. In Huancayo, the attendance is even higher. Work hand in hand with Child Assistance Association (ANJ) and specializes in providing homes, protection and education to girls in adverse situations. In addition, in the repairs of the center.